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The Mini-Terminator or “Mini-T” is a great front side sloper for 1.5 m model racing or sport flying. The modern wing shape with very thin HN airfoil makes the Mini-T light on the extremities enabling quick turning and superb maneuverability. The model is easy to fly and has great handling qualities. The stiff tail boom is built to handle very high speeds. The Mini-T is computer designed and all molds are CNC milled to assure airfoil accuracy.

The quality is excellent! The Mini-T uses hollow molded construction from CNC molds. The model is completely finished out of the box. All surfaces are live hinged and gap seals are molded in. All you need to do is to install the radio gear. The fuselage is made out of Kevlar with Carbon reinforcements and is 2, 4 GHz friendly.

The 2-piece hollow molded wing made from Spread-Carbon/Herex sandwich has 6 degree of dihedral combined with the wide chord flaps and ailerons that produce an outstanding soaring capability along with a wide speed range. The Mini –T is distinguished by a 2-piece wing design that is slightly heavier than a 1-piece variety, and a unique removable 2-piece V-tail. It breaks down in a smaller package than all other 1-piece wing 1.5 m models in order to make your travelling with the model as easy as possible.

Besides the easy handling, the Mini-T features all the performance advantages of a larger ship. The fuselage has enough room under the wing to carry the right ballast that allows the Mini-T to scream on the slope!

If you want to fly electric, the Mini-T fuselage offers enough room under the canopy for your geared engine and up to 4 LiPo cells.


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