ASW 15 B

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Semi-scale RC model glider for slope, aero-tow, FES or EDF launching. Fully moulded kit with ready made epoxy Kevlar/Carbon fuselage, ready-made Carbon wings and tailplane. Decal seheet, linkage hardware pack and building service as option available. 


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The ASW 15 B was made by the Schleicher company, and is a standard-class glider with a wingspan of 15 meters. The prototype of the ASW 15 B was built in 1968 and bore the registration D-4425. The distinctive features of this aircraft are its cruciform tail and sweptback fin. At that time balsa was used as sandwich material in the construction of the wings and Tailplane.

The new MIBO ASW 15 B goes from his old “Graupner” brother completely to new ground in the direction of 'sport flying' and wide specter of use. At the design stage we were keen to obtain a really broad speed range, and this is achieved on the model by the use of camber-changing flaps, although the full-size machine was non-flapped. Airfoils and whole aerodynamic design came from Philip Kolb looking to achieve F3B like performance on scale looking glider. Complete model was designed with goal to have nice scale look model capable for dynamic flying with low (5 kg) weight.

Airfoils Tailplane
The ailerons and flaps are bottom hinged, which gives very good airfoil fidelity. The kit is highly pre-fabricated for ease of construction, and includes GRP carbon fuselage with Kevlar front area, GRP rudder, and Carbon – Herex sandwich construction wings and tailplane panels. The wing features a strong triple I-section spar made of HM UD Carbon, CF - Herex caps, which incorporates the strong rectangular 19 x 35 mm carbon made wing joiner. Wings and tailplane panels are supplied in ready-made form in the kit, i.e. all 2K painted, UV resistant, de-seamed and polished.

Wings and tailplane panels are supplied in ready-made form in the kit. The servo plate, secondary formers are all supplied in the kit as machined parts. All holes and openings in the fuselage are machine-cut to ensure accurate location of the wings and tailplane panels, rudder is functionally mounted to the fuselage.

Model is available in 2 different layups:
Carbon 160 g/m2 - Glass 80 g/m2, Standard Carbon spar
Double carbon CC: Carbon 160 g/m2 – Carbon 160 g/m2, UHM Carbon spar

Machined plywood formers for the installation of the retract unit are supplied by purchasing of retract system.

Weitere Informationen
Spannweite4000 mm
Tragflügelinhalt78,4 dm2
Länge1710 mm
Gewicht< 4500 g
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